Is this the longest marriage in Brid?

Geoffrey and Betty Carter on their wedding day in 1951
Geoffrey and Betty Carter on their wedding day in 1951

Both Bridlington born and bred, Betty and Geoffrey Carter could hold the title of the town’s longest-married couple.

They celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Tuesday and admitted: “There is no secret, just be tolerant.”

The couple, aged 90 and 88, have lived in the same house for almost all of their married life, after they tied the knot in October 1951.

“We have had many happy days in Bridlington,” said Mr Carter.

“Like 99 per cent of Bridlington people, we met at a dance at the Spa. I was on leave and I walked on to the dance floor, bumped into Betty and asked her to the pictures.

“We married at the Priory and we were two Old Townies, I lived in Baptist Place and she lived in Jameson Road.”

They have lived at their home in Cranbeck Close since it was built in the mid-1950s.

“We had a flat in Midway Avenue to begin with but when they built West Hill, we were very fortunate in getting a nice semi-detached house,” added Mr Carter.

“I worked at Bridgeport so it was just a nice morning walk across the fields to work.”

He also spent 30 years as an auxiliary coastguard in Bridlington and in his spare time, he worked down on the harbour on the rowing boats with Betty’s father Harold Gofton, who was the conductor of Bridlington Excelsior band.

Mrs Carter worked at Eagleton Snack Bar in promenade until it closed and she enjoyed ballroom dancing at the old 3Bs complex, which was on the site of the new leisure centre.

The couple have two daughters, June and Jeanette.