Intruder caught by blood

A father whose family was hounded out of their home by vigilantes is facing jail after resorting to crime in Bridlington and frightening a pensioner.

Father-of-five Graham White, 37, moved to a house with no furniture and decided to try and break into a 65-year-old woman’s home in Havelock Crescent after scaling a 6ft gate in her rear yard where she grew flowers in the summer.

He was so drunk he snapped the handle off the door and fled before gaining entry.

But his blood was left on the outer door frame and the police arrested him.

Hull Crown Court heard White’s family of Windsor Crescent, Bridlington, had fled their former home in Hunmanby without a stick of furniture leaving behind wedding snaps.

White has a record which includes burglary, selling drugs and handling stolen property and was recalled to prison after his arrest. He appeared in the dock of Hull Crown Court on Monday for sentence after pleading guilty to a single charge of attempted burglary on Havelock Crescent between June 5 and 7.

Prosecuting Jane Bryan said the 65-year-old had given a victim impact statement in which she said: “I have lived here nine years and felt very secure. The incident has left me feeling very uneasy, lonely and insecure. “

Defence barrister Patrick Palmer said White’s family had been victims themselves in Hunmanby and had been forced to move. He said they were bereft of furniture, only being helped out by the Boston Mayflower Project after leaving with little.

“The defendant recognises he has a record which has been related to alcohol and drugs, but he is now drug free,” said Mr Palmer.

“He is managing to support his family, but alcohol was still a problem and on this night he had too much to drink. He barely remembers what happened.”

He said White had his hands full trying to control a young son at night trying to stop him following in his father’s footsteps.

He said he also suffered from active Hepatitis C and was worried of its affect on his family.

It was possible that it was drug induced, but he had not been told its cause.

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, said: “I am conscious Hepatitis C is a potentially life-threatening condition. The sentence I have in mind is nine months, but that could be pared down if a medical report substantiates your claim.”

He said he accepted he did not look well but also said: “This medical condition may have been brought on by your own foolhardiness.”

He adjourned sentencing until December 5.