Intoxicated man struggles in the sea in Bridlington then refuses help from coastguard team

Image by Bridlington Coastguard Rescue Team
Image by Bridlington Coastguard Rescue Team

Bridlington Coastguard Rescue Team managed to coax and intoxicated man to the shore in Bridlington yesterday.

The team were initially paged for concerns of two people in a dinghy just off the outfall pipe, south beach, at around 7.20pm.

On arrival officers observed them in a dinghy tied to the outfall pipe fishing and communicated that all was ok and no cause for concern.

However, minutes later a third person was observed entering the water "clearly having had too much to drink and concerns were raised."

A spokesperson from the Bridlington Coastguard Rescue Team said: "The person started to swim and struggle so the Bridlington Inshore Lifeboat was requested to assist.

"Coastguard rescue officers donned drysuits, life jackets and floating lines and entered the water to reach the casualty before the arrival of the lifeboat.

"The casualty was reached and refused assistance but the Coastguard Rescue Officer coaxed the person towards the shore and he made his way out of the water."

The people in the dinghy also returned to the beach and safety advice was administer to everyone involved.