Independent Shellfishermen’s Co-operative counting cost of floods

Bridlington Harbour Flooded due to storm surge.'NBFP PA1349-19r
Bridlington Harbour Flooded due to storm surge.'NBFP PA1349-19r
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A harbour side business is counting the cost of Thursday night’s tidal surge.

Jo Ackers, of the Independent Shellfishermen’s Co-operative on Gummers Wharf, is this morning sorting and cataloguing stock, office furniture and paperwork after water flooded into the office.

She said: “You can see how bad it was, those tubs over there were in warehouse six and they’ve ended up in the office. The water has just swept everything up and dumped it.

“I don’t know how much of the stock will be usable. Things are damp, there’s a lot of paperwork that is ruined, even that lifejacket over there has somehow inflated itself.
“I am without power now, so I can’t check the electrics and the computer. I just don’t know what the full damage is yet.

“I think a lot of premises will have been affected in a similar way. A lot of the lads seem in fairly good spirits this morning, as the harbour super-intendent did enough to make sure there was minimal damage to the boats.”