Improve your health with trainers service

Natalie Belt outside Bridlington's Health Trainers office on Quay Road.
Natalie Belt outside Bridlington's Health Trainers office on Quay Road.

Humber NHS Foundation Trust’s East Riding Health Trainers are urging residents who are keen to improve their health and wellbeing to sign up with their service.

By offering free one-to-one support and encouraging and motivating people to set achievable goals, the Health Trainers aim to ensure small changes become long-term health changes.

The team operates throughout the East Riding and can help with:

l Stopping smoking

l Losing weight

l Stress and anxiety

l Physical activity

l Substance misuse

l Isolation and loneliness

The Health Trainers offer six to eight, one-to-one, confidential sessions to people who sign up.

Last year, the service helped East Riding residents lose more than 500 stone in weight, supported over 800 of them to stop smoking, and assisted more than 1,000 of them to access help for their emotional wellbeing.

Service manager Natalie Belt said: “Whether you are looking to gain guidance and advice to kick-start a healthier, happier lifestyle, or whether you want more confidence to tackle a situation you’re dealing with and need some coping mechanisms, if you need more balance in your life and want to improve your wellbeing, we can help.”

People keen to improve their health and wellbeingcan find out how they can get further support by calling the Health Trainers on 0800 9177752 or emailing the team at HNF-TR.healthtrainers@nhs.net