Important date for Brid’s regeneration

David Dowson.
David Dowson.

THIS week marks an important date for the future of Bridlington’s town centre regeneration plans.

February 20 is the final day for objectors to oppose the Bridlington Area Action Plan (AAP) document, before work on getting the project off the ground can begin in earnest.

It is understood that no objections have been lodged against Planning Inspector Sian Worden’s decision to allow the AAP to go ahead - which was subject to development at the harbour top being removed from the plans.

Bridlington businessman David Dowson, chairman of Llord Dowson Chartered Accountants and a long time supporter of regeneration plans, said last week that that he was “optimistic that finally we might be able to start seeing the fruits of a lot of hard work”.

He went on to attack the Bridlington Harbour Commissioners, one of the most vocal opponents to the AAP, saying they had “single-handedly slowed down the town’s regeneration for 15 years” and had been “governed by a philosophy of self-preservation”.

The Harbour Commissioners hit back at what they call “futile jibes”, and said that at a time when Harbour Commissioners and the council were trying to form a closer partnership, Mr Dowson’s comments have “done nothing but drive the wedge between us even deeper”.

Chairman of the Commissioners, George Traves, said that the Harbour supported around 400 jobs in Bridlington, adding that Mr Dowson’s words “have only added fuel to the fire and were an insult to the Commissioners and all those who are working hard to maintain Bridlington’s harbour the success it is today”.