'I got slapped with parking ticket for parking across my own drive!'

Rita Oysten, 82, is furious for being slapped with a parking ticket for parking across her own drive.
Rita Oysten, 82, is furious for being slapped with a parking ticket for parking across her own drive.

A pensioner is furious after she was slapped with a parking fine for parking her across her own drive.

Rita Oysten says she thinks parking provision is bad enough in Bridlington without wardens targeting her outside her own home.

The 82-year-old has parked her motor on a dropped kerb outside her South Marine Drive house for two decades.

So, she can’t understand why the council have suddenly taken issue with her blocking off her own drive – and punishing her with a £25 fine.

“In the morning, I backed my car out and parked it across my drive – and I got a penalty outside my own house!

“I have done this for around 20 years and no-one has ever said anything before.

“Can’t I park across my own drive? I’m elderly and I don’t like backing out when it’s busy so I do it in the morning.”

In fact, Rita likes to park her car in front of her own drive to stop other road users blocking her in.

Although she was parked over the keep clear zone she says wardens have never taken issue before.

She added: “It’s terrible parking in Bridlington as it is. We have got a new traffic warden, but I don’t know if it’s her [who gave me the ticket].

“My daughter-in-law has a chalet and when she has come and parked across the drive no-one has ever grumbled.”

Rita decided to take the ticketing up with the council and penned a letter appealing the fine.

She was shocked that, even after explaining her situation to the council in writing, her informal appeal was rejected.

“It says in their letter that I can challenge this by writing again, but I can’t be bothered with that," said Rita.

But East Riding of Yorkshire Council are still refusing to waive Rita’s ticket, because she was parked over a keep clear zone.

A spokesman for East Riding Council told the Free Press: “The resident was issued with a penalty charge notice for parking outside of the bay marking.

“She submitted a challenge to the serving of this parking penalty notice (PCN) but that challenge was rejected by the council.

“She has further opportunities to appeal which have been explained in a letter.”