Humberside Police reassure community after Woolwich horror attack

Following the tragic incident in Woolwich, London on Tuesday May 21, Humberside Police would like to reassure Bridlington residents that Humberside Police have developed robust and effective plans to deal with any calls for service or incidents of disorder and criminality across the force area.

A spokesperson for the force said: “Officers remain vigilant and in a state of readiness should the situation occur where an appropriate response is required.

“We will work proactively to prevent incidents occurring and where they do occur, we will respond swiftly and firmly to protect our law abiding communities.

“The force is currently aware of a number of messages which have been posted on social networking sites by a small minority of individuals.

“These messages appear to be an attempt to incite trouble by posting messages inviting people to assemble and cause trouble at particular locations.

“Those people should be aware that we are monitoring these sites in Humberside and we will take action against those intent on attempting to incite violence or post messages of a racial nature.

“Humberside Police are grateful for the first class support we have received from communities and partner agencies in Humberside who stand resolute against the prospect of mindless acts of criminality and racially motivated crimes.

“It is very much a case of business as usual in Hull, the East Riding, North and North East Lincolnshire.”