Humber coastguard issues warning after dinghy rescue

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The Humber Coastguard are warning people to use their common sense when going out to sea after two men had to be rescued near Flamborough after going to sea in a rubber dinghy.

The incident occurred at around 3pm on Sunday when the coastguard received a call from a member of the public saying they had seen two people struggling against the tide and wind in a rubber dinghy at Briel Nook.

One man had fallen out of the dinghy and started swimming to a rocky outcrop while the other made his way to the base of the cliffs as the dinghy began to rapidly deflate.

Flamborough RNLI were quickly on scene and the pair were taken from the rocky outcrop back to North Landing.

Neither had been wearing life jackets or had any means of communication.

A spokesperson from the Humber Coastguard said:“We would recommend that people touch base with the coastguard before going out to sea just so we know that you are out there.

“These rubber dinghies are not suitable for going out at sea, particularly when the winds and tides are strong.

“This incident could have been a lot more serious, they were very, very lucky that somebody saw them and the Lifeboat responded quickly.

“A lifejacket or buoyancy aid can make the difference between life and death.

“People should use their common sense, enjoy the weather but be aware that the tides and wind can be deceiving.”