Humber Bridge Board set to reduce tolls

With travel costs continually on the rise, the Humber Bridge Board is set to lend motorists a helping hand from next month by significantly reducing its tolls.

Tuesday, 20th March 2012, 2:09 pm

From Sunday 1st April, changes to all vehicle categories will be implemented, especially for motorcyclists, who will no longer have to pay tolls to cross the bridge, as well as people with caravans or small trailers who will only pay for the towing vehicle itself.

Car owners will also benefit significantly from the changes, with tolls set to be halved to £1.50, allowing daily commuters to make a saving of over £600 a year.

Charges for goods vehicles have been simplified into two classes, generally vehicles with two axles or those with more than two axles, with the tolls significantly reduced for all of these customers.

Peter Hill, General Manager and Bridgemaster of the Humber Bridge, said:

“Travelling is becoming increasingly expensive, especially for those who make the daily commute to work and for local businesses delivering and receiving goods. The new toll reductions will significantly lower travel costs for all motorists using the bridge, and we’re very pleased to be bringing these changes into place from April.

“With the toll reductions in place, we do anticipate some delays as motorists become familiar with the changes. We would ask that drivers bear with us as the new system is implemented.”

The Humber Bridge toll system has remained largely unchanged for the past thirty years, and the new toll reductions will result in significant changes to the way the toll booths operate.

Care will be taken to ensure that disruption to the bridge is kept to a minimum as the changes are brought in, with signage soon to be placed at the bridge on both North and South carriageways, to inform motorists of the changes.

Motorcyclists, who no longer have to pay tolls, will still need to stop at the toll booths and wait for a green light before continuing their journey.

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