HSBC branch to close

HSBC Bank Westgate Old town'PA1216-2
HSBC Bank Westgate Old town'PA1216-2

THE HSBC branch in Westgate, in Bridlington’s Old Town, is set to close on June 29 this year.

The bank have announced the move, saying that falling customer use has led them to close the branch - with the branch’s two staff members being relocated to the town centre branch on King Street.

A spokesperson for HSBC said: “Our branch network is a very important distribution channel for us and we are investing over £60 million each year on improving and updating it.

“However, we do need to ensure that our branches are in the right locations for our customers. On occasions this means that we need to close some branches where customer footfall has fallen dramatically.

“Our branch in Bridlington Westgate is a case in point.

“The branch is only open for limited hours during the week and customer usage of the branch has fallen very significantly over the past few years as our customers either use our other branch in the town or they are using the 24 hour convenience of internet or telephone banking. Our network has to be ‘fit for purpose’ and we have to ensure that our branches are located in areas where they are actually used.”

HSBC say they have written to all customers of the branch and are working with a “small number of customers”, helping them reorganise their finances ahead of the planned closure on June 29.

These customers will still be able to use other branches in King Street, which is open for longer hours and also on a Saturday.

The banking group confirmed that the two members of staff who work at Westgate will transfer to the King Street branch, and that there will be no redundancies as a result of the move.

The branch was bought by the then Midland bank from the London Joint Stock bank in 1919, and became an HSBC after they bought out Midland in 1992.