‘How will I go to work?’

Glenn Walker NBFP PA1521-6a
Glenn Walker NBFP PA1521-6a

A motorcyclist whose bike was damaged after hitting a pot hole says the Council’s refusal to compensate him could result in him losing his job.

Glenn Walker, 28 of Neptune Drive, was travelling towards Bessingby Industrial Estate on 16 February at around 4 pm, when his motorbike hit a pothole and skidded on loose chippings, causing him to lose control and crash his bike.

He then submitted a claim to the council to cover the costs of repair work to his bike which exceed £500, because he believes they are liable for footing the bill.

“The insurance company said they will not pay because the East Riding of Yorkshire Council carry out regular annual inspections,” said Mr Walker.

“But the last time they carried out an inspection before my accident was 11 July 2014. The road could have deteriorated a lot since then. It is not enough to inspect the roads only once a year and then ask members of the public to report others for the rest of the year.

In a letter to Mr Walker, the insurance company said they were unable to compensate him because they did not deem the Council liable.

The letter read: “The area where the accident took place is examined on a regular annual basis and at the date of the last inspection prior to the accident, which took place on 11 July 2014.

“On the basis of the information presented we consider that the Council have complied with their duties under the Highways Act 1980 and we see no evidence that it has arisen due to neglect or breach of duty on their part.”

Mr Walker, who works at a fish and chips shops in Beeford, said his employment could be in at stake as the motorbike was his only means of transport. He said he now relies on his wife Michelle to take him to and from work.

“The council said they rely on people reporting the pot-holes themselves, Mr Walker added: “If people were to report every one they see, they would need to hire a lot of new staff to cope with the constant complaints!”

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “The case has been assessed by our independent loss adjusters, who have informed Mr Walker of their decision, taking into account the relevant facts surrounding the case.”