How much did councillors claim?

How much did councillors claim?
How much did councillors claim?
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Councillors claimed more than £390,000 in allowances and expenses while council officers claimed almost £3million.

During the financial year 2016/17, East Riding Council paid out £72,127.72 in travel expenses following claims by 52 of the 68 councillors.

How much did your councillor claim?

How much did your councillor claim?

The lowest amounted claim is £20.25 by Cllr Denis Healy with the highest totalling £5744.86 made by Cllr Jane Evison.

Four councillors also claimed subsistence allowance including £37.10 by Bridlington councillor Shelagh Finlay, £12.25 by Cllr Symon Fraser, £3 by Cllr Mary Kingston and £18.60 by Cllr David Tucker.

Travel and subsistence allowances are reimbursement of expenses incurred by members on council business.

Some councillors also receive a special responsibility allowance which are paid to members who hold positions which require them to spend more time and effort on council affairs than would be expected of other members.

This is paid on top of councillors’ basic allowance of £11,056 a year.

This allowance is received by 40 of the 68 members and equates to £316,733.29.

Leader of the council, Stephen Parnaby OBE, received the highest allowance of £36,001.90 while Bridlington’s Cllr Margaret Chadwick received £177.21.

A Freedom of Information request by the Free Press has also revealed East Riding of Yorkshire Council officers received £2,941,299 in expenses.

There is an average of 2,000 claims per month by council officers which would suggest the average claim is over the £100 mark.