‘How is the man I saved on the beach?’

Bridlington south beach
Bridlington south beach

A student who found an injured man on the beach in Bridlington, helping him until paramedics arrived, is trying to find out news on how his recovery is progressing.

Philip Ebert was walking along Bridlington’s south beach in the early hours of the morning when he spotted a man who was unable to move as the tide came in.

He said the casualty was a man called Glenn, who he suspected was in his 50s or 60s, and he wants to know that he is on the mend.

The 22-year-old, who is a student at East Riding College, said: “ I was near to where the Tidal Waves music festival had been held because I wanted to see how big the stage was.

“I saw something as I walked past and I thought it was seal which had washed up.”

It was after 3am, but he went back and saw it was actually a man who was conscious but motionless

Despite not having any first aid training, Philip did what he could to make the man more comfortable and called 999.

He said: “I could see he was in pain and I put him in the recovery position.

“He said he couldn’t move his legs so I didn’t want to move him in case I made things worse, or he had a spinal injury.

“When the amublance got there, I moved out of the way and let them get on with their job and didn’t stick around.”

Yorkshire Ambulance Service has confirmed that the casualty was “heavily in drink”and was taken to Scarborough Hospital.

Anyone who can let Philip know how Glenn is, can contact the Free Press.