How did your school do in the provisional GCSE results?

This year's provisional GCSE results have been released
This year's provisional GCSE results have been released

Bridlington secondary schools have received their provisional results following this year's GCSEs.

Bridlington School was the top performing in the county under the new progress 8 scores obtaining a 0.73 which is well above average.

Bridlington School GCSE results day

Bridlington School GCSE results day

Kate Parker-Randall, headteacher at Bridlington School, said: "I am so very proud of all our students have achieved.

"Their outstanding progress is a direct result of the relentless hard work put in by our students and staff which is of course only made possible by the support of our parents and careers."

Headlands School remained within average scoring with -0.04 but Sarah Bone, headteacher at Headlands School, believes their score will go up when recounts are considered.

She said: “My team here at Headlands School remain delighted with the results achieved by our Year 11 and Year 13 students this summer.

Headlands School GCSE results day

Headlands School GCSE results day

"The results published on the Governments website, and in turn in the local press this week, are indeed provisional. They do not take into account re-marks. When the data checking exercise has been completed, and final results published, we anticipate our Progress 8 score will be 0.04+ and our Attainment 8 score will be 46.

"The national average for Attainment 8 for all schools is 44, so we are very pleased to be above the national average for this benchmark. Furthermore a Progress 8 score of above 0 means a school is making above average progress.

"Again our “positive" Progress 8 score means students attending Headlands School continue to make above average progress in their GCSE examinations. My team and I are now very much looking forward to supporting our current students fulfill their potential and again achieve great results in their 2018 examinations.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Bridlington community for their on-going support in the work that we do here at Headlands School.”

The main measure is Progress 8, which judges schools by the average progress made by students from their starting point at secondary school to the end of year 11, in eight GCSE subjects.

Mrs Parker-Randall added: "Our students performed almost ¾ of a grade better in their GCSEs compared to that of students nationally from a similar starting point.

"Our staff, students and governors deserve well-earned congratulations for all they have achieved. These progress 8 results are outstanding and ratifies further our recent ‘Good’ Ofsted report which identified that we are well on our way towards outstanding.

"With results like these it puts our students on a fantastic future pathway for success showing they are able to compete and excel not only locally but also nationally. This is not only great for the students themselves and for the school but great for Bridlington as a town."

But the Department for Education data for 2015-16 also includes a related measure called Attainment 8.

This measures the achievement of a pupil across eight qualifications: Mathematics (double weighted), English (double weighted), three English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects and three other subjects.

In the East Riding's case, this was 46 which was above the national average of 44.2 with both schools in the town topping this. Bridlington School scored 48.2 while Headlands School scored 45.2

For the first time, English language, English literature, and maths GCSEs were graded on a 9-1 scale this year as part of the Government overhaul of the system.

In the new regime a 9 is equivalent to A* and above and 1 is the lowest score, with a 4 considered a low C grade.

At Bridlington School, 65% of pupils achieved a grade 4 or above in English and maths GCSEs and Headlands School saw 60% of pupils make the standard.

Both are under the local authority's average of 66.4% but above the average for the country which is 58.5%.

Councillor Julie Abraham, portfolio holder for children, young people and education, said, “We are delighted with the improvement that many East Riding schools have brought about this year. This is down to the hard work of young people and their families supported by dedicated school staff.

“East Riding of Yorkshire Council is committed to improving East Riding schools until we have the some of the best in the country. The results have been achieved against a backdrop of the very low level of funding for East Riding schools from the Department for Education.

The Progress 8 and Attainment 8 measure in the East Riding is one of the best Yorkshire and Humber and in the top third of local authorities in national league tables.

Mike Furbank, Head of Education and Schools said: “These results are underpinned by many outstanding stories of hard work and application as well as committed teaching and support. We look forward to further improving Ofsted inspection outcomes for East Riding schools, building on the foundation of this year’s results.

“We are proud of the work done by young people throughout the East Riding, with the support of their carers and families. We greatly appreciate the hard work of head teachers, teaching and support staff that have contributed to these results.”