Hotter than the Mediterranean

Bridlington in the Spring Sunshine'PA1112-4c
Bridlington in the Spring Sunshine'PA1112-4c

IT’S official! Bridlington was hotter than the Mediterranean this week.

Temperatures soared at the start of the week, making Bridlington the warmest place in the UK on Monday and Tuesday – with top temperatures of 17 degrees.

That is almost double the nine degrees usually seen at this time of year and meant that Bridlington knocked the spots of the Mediterranean and its island holiday hotspots of Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca – which only managed highs of around 14 degrees.

The town’s unusual hot weather was mentioned on the BBC Breakfast programme, Radio 4 and various weather broadcasts.

Barry Gromett of the Met Office said the unusually high temperatures in Bridlington were due to wind coming over the Pennines to bring drier and warmer weather to the eastern side of the country, coupled with high pressure giving clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine.

Mr Gromett added: “Bridlington was officially the hottest place in the country on Monday – and Tuesday’s temperatures were already at 16.4 degrees by the late morning.

“Unfortunately it will get cooler as we head into the weekend and it is too early to say whether this heralds a hot summer, but for now, the weather in Bridlington is excellent!”

Monday’s temperature peaked at 17 degrees at 2.59pm, while Tuesday reached 17 degrees by noon.

But ironically on the day that British Summer Time officially begins – this Sunday – the temperature in Bridlington is predicted to be the second lowest of the whole week at just eight degrees.

For Peter Davison, president of Bridlington’s Hotel and Guest House Association, the unseasonably warm weather is a cause for optimism and he predicts a “cracking summer” for local businesses.

He said: “Bridlington is a beautiful place, I love it and I always have, but it is even better when the sun shines.

“You’ve only had to walk around the town to see how much busier it’s been with the warm weather and sunshine. The town centre was very busy this week.

“I honestly think that we are going to have a cracking summer this year – I’m going to demand it!”

A number of factors including the completion of the Spa Gardens development, an end to the major roadworks around the town, plus the first full season of the park and ride – together with a warmer than average spring – do all point to a brighter summer for Bridlington this year.

It is also hoped that the area’s appearance in BBC primetime drama South Riding, which was watched by over six million viewers during its three-part run, will also help bring the tourists to town this summer.

Mr Davison said: “There is a lot of upset in the world at the moment and people don’t have as much money as they used to and I think that is putting people off, but once the sun comes out, I do think families find the money to come out and enjoy themselves.

“You only have to look at how many people were out in the town this week to see that, and I think that Bridlington being on the television will attract visitors – look at what it did for Goathland where Heartbeat was filmed.”

The warm weather has come as a welcome relief after a particularly fierce winter, but only the brave will be packing away their woolly jumpers just yet as temperatures are expected to drop to single figures over the weekend and into next week, with highs of around nine degrees.