Hotel bookings in Brid soar 250% say hotel bookings in Bridlington increased by 250 per cent NBFP PA1515-3a say hotel bookings in Bridlington increased by 250 per cent NBFP PA1515-3a

The great British seaside stay-cation is here to stay and Bridlington’s hotel bookings are up 250 per cent, according to travel experts.

The smell of fish and chips on the promenade, the sight of striped deckchairs on the beach and the sound of seagulls soaring in the sky above all conjure up nostalgic images of the quintessential British holiday.

The resurgence of traditional getaways over the last few years had been feared a recession-fuelled flash in the pan.

But travel site say hotel bookings in Bridlington are up 250 per cent in the last five years, as visitors forego the sundrenched excursions to Spain and Europe for Britain’s seaside resorts.

Bob Hillery, Chairman of Bridlington Tourism Association, says Bridlington could be in for a “bumper year”.

“Only this morning I took two bookings for a fortnight each. I was also speaking to a fellow hotelier who also said his are on the up.

“Because of the threat of terrorism, more people are staying at home for their holiday, or going on to places they know are safe.”

“We are in for a good year. And if the weather holds out, we are in for a bumper year.”

And the legacy of Bridlington’s starring role in the Dad’s Army film is also expected to boost tourism in the town, as visitors from all over the country to see the set of the film.

Coach trips are expected to take tourists from the Spa Royal Hall to historic Old Town, where much of the filming took place.