Hot car danger for little babies

andrea kerry
andrea kerry

Professional Driffield childminder Andrea Kerry caused a bit of a kerfuffle when she hit out on Facebook at parents who leave their toddlers and babies locked in their cars on hot days.

People from across town rallied to offer words of support for her stance against the dangerous practice.

She said: “Every week I see young children or babies strapped in the cars and left while parents go in the shop.

“Obviously parents can’t see the children.

“The other evening, a baby and toddler were left in the car when I went to do my bit of shopping and they were still there when I got back to my car.
“I mentioned it to a member of staff but am aware it is not the responsibility of staff - I think this is so wrong.”

Her Facebook friend Michelle Hudson said: “I can never understand parents who do this, yet take their mobile phones with them just in case someone might see it and break in.

“Who knows what might happen during this time - why would you put your children in danger,it’s beyond me.”

Fran Dale Eccles said: “I watched a video not long ago where a woman left her baby while she went to do her shopping and the baby died because of the heat. Parents who do this don’t deserve kids in my opinion.”

Liby Lord said: “I can never understand how and why people leave young children in the car with the excuse of ‘well its locked’ - so I take it someone couldn’t just smash the car window then?

Heidi Johnson said: “You can actually ring the police now if you see this. There has been too many babies die because of’s just laziness in my opinion and easier for them to leave them in the car. If I see it I will ring the police.

Graham Proudlock said “I cannot agree more. Well done for highlighting this - these people need educating of the dangers. I’m sure its actually illegal.”