Hospital’s future ‘decided by April’

Mike Proctor
Mike Proctor

A FINAL decision on the merger of two hospital trusts is expected by April this year.

The move will see the end of Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust in favour of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and, it is said, will mean positive changes at Bridlington Hospital.

Mike Proctor, the Chief Executive of the Scarborough trust will again face local resident and users of Bridlington Hospital to make the case for the merger and the benefits it will bring, at a public meeting and consultation in the Harbour Suite at Bridlington Spa on Monday 23 January 2012 from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

“Work is progressing to plan towards integration and the case to join the two organisations is currently being considered by the Co-operation and Competition Panel (CCP), with a final decision expected in April 2012.

“This meeting will give us the opportunity to update the public further on the integration work, including our CCP submission which outlines the significant benefits that this integration will bring to the local population,” said Mr Proctor.

The meeting is an opportunity for people to ask questions and follows similar meetings in January, April and September last year.

Like the current meeting they were organised by East Riding of Yorkshire Local Involvement Network (ERYLINk) in conjunction with Pensioners Action Group East Riding (PAGER),

Julia Bugg from East Riding of Yorkshire LINk said: “The management teams at York and Scarborough are working hard to ensure that Bridlington and district residents are kept as up-to-date with the plans as they can, with previous meetings being both popular and informative.

“The dissolution of SNEY as well as changes which will be seen at Bridlington and District Hospital are of great interest to users of the services and it is vital that as many people as possible hear the news first hand.

“It is accepted that certain services will not be introduced at Bridlington, such as A & E, cardiology and maternity, for reasons outside the control of the SNEY and York Trusts but I am keen to see what improvements will be made. ”

A separate section of the meeting will be given over to representatives of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service who will also be able to answer questions from the public about local services.

Anyone wanting further information about the meeting should contact ERYLINk on 01377 232135.

For older residents who would like to attend but are unable to arrange transport, assistance may be available through either ERYLINk or PAGER.

Bridlington residents should contact PAGER on 01262 409020, residents of elsewhere in the East Riding should contact ERYLINk to discuss transport arrangements for the meeting.