Hospital meeting

HOSPITAL bosses and ambulance service representatives will face the public at an open meeting in Bridlington.

Mike Proctor, Chief Executive of the Scarborough trust will talk to residents and users of Bridlington Hospital to update the situation surrounding the merger of the Scarborough Trust and York Hospital Trust and the benefits it will bring, at a public meeting and consultation in the Harbour Suite at Bridlington Spa on Monday 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

A final decision on the merger is expected in April. Details of improvements and changes at Bridlington hospital will also be outlined.

The meeting follows similar events in January, April and September last year and is again organised by East Riding of Yorkshire Local Involvement Network (ERYLINk) in conjunction with Pensioners Action Group East Riding (PAGER),

Anyone wanting information about the meeting should contact ERYLINk on 01377 232135. For older residents who would like to attend but are unable to arrange transport, assistance may be available through either ERYLINk or PAGER. Bridlington residents should contact PAGER on 01262 409020, residents of elsewhere in the East Riding should contact ERYLINk.