Hospital governors will be voice for Brid community

Terry Atherton, new governor of Bridlington Hospital.
Terry Atherton, new governor of Bridlington Hospital.

WORKING in the best interests of the community will be the aim of two Bridlington men who have been named governors of the town’s hospital.

James Carder and Terry Atherton were named as governors for Bridlington Hospital, which was last year taken over by the York NHS Trust, earlier this month.

Both say they want to protect services already at the hospital, and represent the views of residents as much as they can.

Mr Atherton, who lives on the northside of Bridlington, said: “Of course everyone in Bridlington wants to get services back here and keep the ones we have got, as the staff at the hospital are excellent.

“There were huge problems when we were in the Scarborough trust. I hope that I can help to put things right by getting involved in the hospital.

“My wife spent a lot of time at Bridlington Hospital while she was alive and I wanted to try and help change things for the better from within.”

Mr Atherton said that governors would have a “strong voice” when decisions are made about Bridlington.

“I hope to represent the community, we can ask questions when things are going on,” he continued.

“Of course there are cuts being made nationally, but I believe that since being part of the York Trust we are now seeing more operations at Bridlington and hopefully we can see more facilities coming back.”

Mr Carder, of Summerfield Road, is also a current Bridlington Town Councillor. He said: “I think that more money could be spent at the hospital.

“I know that there have been cuts to the budgets nationally but we are in a situation where I would say put health before money.

“I listen to what people in Bridlington say and I want to represent the community as well as I can.

“That means keeping services at Bridlington Hospital and getting things back here. In an ideal world I’d like to see an A&E department back at Bridlington because Scarborough is a long way away for people to get to.

“I am not making any promises but I just want to do my best for the community.”

Mr Carder also agreed that things could be looking up for Bridlington, since the York NHS Trust took over running the hospital.

“It seems like they are getting things in hand and they are doing a better job. I think they are trying to clean up the finance issues because I think a lot of money was mis-spent in the past.”

The pair have been appointed to the council of governors of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Mr Atherton and Mr Carder will provide a link between the public and staff members, local communities and the Board of Directors of the Trust, and help to ensure that the interests of our communities are represented.

Chairman of the trust, Alan Rose, said that governors play an important role in ensuring the trust is managed appropriately.

They will be involved in appointing the trust’s chair, non-executive directors and external auditors, and approving the appointment of the chief executive.

Also, following the recent Health Bill, a majority of governors will be required to approve investment decisions of significance.