‘Holiday in Brid to avoid the rip-offs’

Greg Knight on the seafront at Bridlington
Greg Knight on the seafront at Bridlington

COME and holiday in Bridlington – that is the message from the town’s MP Greg Knight.

Mr Knight is warning holidaymakers going overseas that they might be better off coming to Bridlington for their break.

He said: “It would be one option to avoid rip-off fees on their credit or debit cards.

“They could holiday in Britain, ideally somewhere delightful, like Bridlington but if you must go abroad, remember, the message is simple – ‘buyer beware!’”

Mr Knight said: “There is a plethora of fees which can be applied to card use when going overseas.

“These can include cash withdrawal fees, purchase fees and unpublicised poor exchange rates.

“For example, withdrawing cash overseas on a credit card can incur a fee of as much as 3% on top of any foreign usage fee.”

Mr Knight’s comments follow increasing concern about attempts by banks to hit consumers with what he believes are unfair fees. He says: “Following court victories which limit overdraft and credit card fees, banks have been fleecing their customers in other areas.

“This invariably impacts those who travel abroad.

“Banks should stop ripping off customers, and instead cut their fees to sensible levels.”