Hitting a high in Rock Challenge

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Students will be showcasing their hard work during the Rock Challenge at Bridlington Spa on Tuesday March 5.

The event will give about 400 students the chance to perform in a professional venue and experience an adrenalin-based high gained through performing, rather than using tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.

Teams of around 20 to 135 students, will have up to eight minutes to perform their chosen theme to an audience made up of family, friends, VIPs, sponsors and a panel of industry professionals.

Each year there are a variety of themes, from the tackling of current social issues to the retelling of real-life events or fictional pieces, with every aspect of the performance devised, designed and created by the students and teachers.

Involving more than 320 schools across the country this year’s UK Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ tour is expected to reach 20,000 young people between the ages of 7 and 18 years old and upwards of 38,000 audience members.

Production Manager, Jonny Wood said: “The positive impact on the young people who take part in Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ in terms of their health and wellbeing will never fail to impress me.

“The schools involved always report the positive impact the initiative has on their students.”