Hit car while reversing

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REVERSING in a narrow village street to let another car pass led to a driver being disqualified from driving.

Karen Quintick, prosecuting at Bridlington magistrates court, said when Shane Christopher McGillicuddy, 32, of Bolam Lane, Bempton, backed up his collided with a parked car.

The driver of the other car, a 4x4, approached him and formed the opinion he was drunk and took the keys from his vehicle before calling police. The incident happened just after 9pm on Sunday September 4 whilst he was driving down Main Street in Nafferton.

“He was arrested and taken to Bridlington police station but he failed to give the two required breath samples and was charged with the offence of failing to supply them,” said Mrs Quintick.

Mitigating, Nick Farr told magistrates that McGillicuddy had been driving for five years and had a clean licence. He had been out for a meal with his girlfriend and had been driving from Driffield.

“He had drunk two pints of lager. Main Street in Nafferton has cars parked on either side and in places is difficult for two cars to pass. When he met a 4x4 vehicle there was not enough room. When he reversed the other vehicle kept edging forward not giving him any room and making it difficult for him to concentrate on the manoevre and he struck the parked car, not at speed and not causing any large scale damage,” said Mr Farr.

He said the driver of the 4x4 had been aggressive toward him. When he was taken to the police station he had not been in that situation before and did not co-operate in full with the breath test procedure.

McGillicuddy, who pleaded guilty to failing to supply a greath specimen, was disqualified from driving for 17 months, fined £150 and ordered to pay £85 costs with £15 victim surcharge.