Hi-tech ways to get the latest headlines

The team behind the talking newspaper
The team behind the talking newspaper

Bridlington Talking Newspaper is using the latest technology to reach as wide an audience as possible.

The team produce a 90-minute edition every two weeks, using news sourced mainly from the Free Press.

Long gone are the days of cassette tapes . Now users can listen to the latest headlines through interactive speakers or on their mobile phones.

Hamish Macnab, who helps to run the project, said: “The Bridlington Talking Newspaper for many years has provided free of charge audio versions of local news to people who are blind or partially-sighted.

“However it is not just people who are blind or partially-sighted who have difficulty reading. Some people have difficulty turning the page of a newspaper, have dyslexia or would simply rather listen to a recording of news than 
read a newspaper.

“These people are now able to benefit from the Bridlington Talking Newspaper thanks to new technology.

“Now the Bridlington Talking Newspaper can be heard by dialling a local landline telephone number – 01262 310410 – or on a smart phone or tablet using a mobile phone network or WiFi with an appropriate app.

“It can be listened to by using an Amazon Echo device or by connecting your mobile phone to a Bluetooth speaker. There are lots of different ways and we can try and find the one that suits you best.”

For more details, call Mr MacNab on 01377 240654 or email hamishmacnab@btinternet.com.