Here's the weather forecast for Bridlington for this week - and a look at whether we will get more snow

Bridlington in the snow
Bridlington in the snow

It's a very cold start to the working week on the Yorkshire coast, with wintry showers and freezing temperatures on Monday morning.

The good news is that the Met Office says we should not get any more snow for the rest of Monday, although temperatures will only reach 3C and the biting Northerly winds will make it feel more like -3C.

There will be a heavy frost overnight and Tuesday could well see some more wintry flurries. The forecasters say there is an increasing risk of sleet from 2pm tomorrow.

Wednesday is likely to be dry but there is uncertainty about the second half of the week. The Met Office is predicting it will be dry but cold, but the BBC forecast says there will be light snow on Thursday afternoon and evening, and again on Saturday morning.

One thing all the forecasters agree on - it is going to be very cold throughout the next few days, so you'll need extra layers and your de-icer at the ready.

Here are some of our favourite photos of Bridlington in the snow in previous years.