Help in mind

Mark Cunningham proposes a newsletter supporting Mind. pic. picture Richard Ponter 113541
Mark Cunningham proposes a newsletter supporting Mind. pic. picture Richard Ponter 113541

WHEN Mark Cunningham was going through a bad patch he found help and support from a local charity.

Mark, 39, of Queensgate, Bridlington, managed to turn his life around, thanks to courses offered by Hull and East Yorkshire Mind.

And now he wishes to repay them by promoting their good work.

“Without them I don’t know what I would have done,” said Mark, who nine months ago was suffering mental trauma and, in his own words, “his head was all over the place.”

He was helped by the HEYM charity, which supports people with mental health problems. The courses and activities they involved him in at their centre, at Bridlington’s Old Parcels Office, got him back on the right track. “I went there and I have not looked back,” Mark said.

His aim is to produce a monthly newsletter detailing the up and coming activities and help on offer so others can benefit from the charity’s work.

He has already put together a first issue, Mind over Matter, which proved very popular. However, he has come up against a stumbling block which he hopes one or more Free Press readers might be able to help him with.

Funding cutbacks mean he has less opportunity to use the computer available at the Mind office in Bridlington.

He can use computers at Bridlington libraries for free, but for limited periods, but the main problem is neither of them have a suitable desktop publisher programme.

“I need a computer which has a Microsoft Publisher programme which is compatible with the MIND head office system so it can also be sent to them,” said Mark.

He is hoping someone with a PC and a suitable programme will allow him time to use it for free, just for a few hours a week for at most two weeks a month.

If you can help, drop Mark an email (he regularly checks his inbox at Bridlington Library) on or you could leave a message for him at the Old Parcels Office on 400 000 and he will get back to you.

Nick Tyldsley, HEYM marketing and communications officer, said: “We are really happy Mark has come forward and decided to do this for Bridlington MIND.

“His first issue was good and we hope someone will come forward to help him with the PC problem.”

He added that despite funding cuts the Old Parcels Office was still offering courses and anyone wanting support can still contact them on the above number.