Hear all about it – choir’s donation

Chairman Chris Slingsby accepts the cheque from Jan Pinkney
Chairman Chris Slingsby accepts the cheque from Jan Pinkney

A Bridlington community choir have donated £700 to give the blind and partially sighted access to the news.

Coastal Voices choir raised the funds last year through a number of events and have donated it to the Talking Newspaper, a completely voluntary organisation which supplies a fortnightly recording of the Free Press to around 70 residents in the area.

Assistant treasurer of Coastal Voices, Sheila Bell said: “Member Jan Pinkney, who is also part of the Talking Newspaper, told us all about what a great job everyone does at the Talking Newspaper. It is something which not everyone is aware of and we believe it is a kind and thoughtful cause.”

Coastal Voices raised the money through fundraising at their performance Legends of Las Vegas at The Spa, The Old Town Dickensian Festival, Belvedere Golf Club and various other events.

The Talking Newspaper features about 28 people providing news from the Bridlington area to the blind and partially sighted free of charge.

Chairman Chris Slingsby, 75, said: “We can’t believe it. It’s absolutely fantastic news that we have been donated this money. We’d like to thank Coastal Voices as we can buy some new equipment for the users of this service.”

If you are over 16 and wish to join Coastal Voices, go online to www.coastalvoiceschoir.co.uk. If you know someone who would benefit from the Talking Newspaper service, contact Chris on 01262 676709.