Theory test, the practical

Presentation time in front of students who knew far more than I did
Presentation time in front of students who knew far more than I did

This weekend is D-Day, Parkrun day. Am I going to be able to complete the 5km run?

I am sure I will get it done, although the weather forecast mentioning temperatures in the mid 20s doesn’t help my lack of confidence.

Here's the presentation poster I made

Here's the presentation poster I made

But before the practical side of running, it was time to learn about the theory.

I had been to East Riding College for a nutrition lesson a few weeks ago and got a surprise when I was told to do the class homework, creating an A3 information sheet and perform a 10-minute presentation on what I should eat and drink before a 5km run.

When I was a student many years ago, Google hadn’t been invented, so I made up for lost time.

A few clicks and I was able to learn that a man of my size and (lack of) ability can expect to burn 470 calories by running three miles in 33 minutes.

A perfect breakfast will be porridge and raisins, with a banana, and I even get the treat of three Jaffa Cakes as a snack around an hour before the race.

On Tuesday, I stood up in front of the class and presented my findings, which was less nerve-racking than the prospect of the actual run.

So what did the tutor Ash Allanson think? He said: “Your presentation was surprisingly good – you obviously undertook some research to analyse calories and macronutrients needed for a 5km race.

“The plan was realistic and appropriate and your manner was very confident with a small amount of humour.

“Your poster was structured very well and the presentation of the poster was aesthetically pleasing.

“Very impressive, well done.”

And crucially, he gave me a B+ grade. If only I was confident I would be as impressive at the Parkrun on Saturday.

If you want to join me in tackling the run, and help me to get to the finish line, everyone is welcome to meet me at Sewerby Hall at around 8.30am.

You can find out how I get on in next week’s Free Press, or have a look on Twitter at