THE RELUCTANT RUNNER: Will I crack at Easter egg temptation?

There was plenty of temptation for the Reluctant Runner last weekend
There was plenty of temptation for the Reluctant Runner last weekend

I’ll be honest, I was just starting to lose my mojo.

I have pretty much reached my weight loss target and it is a little deflating stepping on the scales and seeing that you have stayed the same, even though that is precisely what I need to do now.

I was getting a little bit bored of the gym too, and was finding it hard to find the enthusiasm to go as often.

I have started trying to run 5km on the cross trainer each week and I’m challenging myself to go faster each week. It started well, but I had a couple of slow weeks which dented my confidence.

Mentally, I was struggling.

I also know that the next stage of my challenge is Project Maintain, and I am expecting that to be even tougher than the first three months of losing weight.

I am braced for the fact that cutting out all forms of treats like bread, crisps and chocolate, will be easier than slowly introducing foods occasionally into my diet.

Having them once or twice a week, and making sure that doesn’t increase to three or four times, feels like it will be a bigger test of my willpower than complete withdrawal.

I also knew that Easter was on the horizon and that meant dozens of eggs to tempt me in the house and hot cross buns in the shops.

With my family coming to stay with us for a few days in Bridlington, a fish and chip supper and a meal out were also on the cards.

Things weren’t looking good.

Thankfully Good Friday turned into a great Friday after my latest health check at East Riding Leisure.

Instructor Steven Cook told me I have now got down to 14st 5lbs, from my starting point of 17st 10lbs.

My BMI is now at 24.4, instead of more than 30 and body fat percentage keeps going down.

And last week, I managed to complete a cross trainer 5km in 34 minutes and 41 seconds, two-and-a-half minutes quicker than my first attempt a month ago.

My blood pressure refuses to stay as low as I’d like but there is more to that than simply what I am eating.

Project Maintain won’t be easy, but I have come so far that I can’t throw it all away now.