THE RELUCTANT RUNNER: I’ve reached the finish line

What a difference six months makes
What a difference six months makes

The final results are in.

For the last Reluctant Runner article, I went back to where it had all began, the Health Trainers office in Quay Road.

Back in December, I underwent a number of tests, which proved how unhealthy I was. To round things off, I went back to see health trainer Harry Johnson to have the same tests.

Cholestrol: Down from 6.8 to 4.3

Waist measurement: Down from 114cm to 100cm.

BMI: Down from 30.2 (obese) to 24.2 (normal)

Blood pressure: It was dangerously high and is now settled and normal.

Weight: I started off at 17 stones and 10 pounds. I am now 14 stones and 2 pounds. That is the only time I have been happy to lose 50 pounds.

What else has happened? My wedding ring no longer fits and seems certain to slip off my finger very soon.

And I have discovered losing weight is an expensive business as I need an entire new wardrobe of clothes. I have dropped two sizes with my jeans and my starting point for trying on shirts and jumpers is L instead of XL (or XXL, as was becoming more and more common). I have even bought a M by mistake and it fits fine.

The effect on my self-confidence cannot be underestimated.

Kate Moss once said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. It’s absolute nonsense. She’s obviously never tried my home baking or fish and chips from Bridlington.

But I won’t get tired of people telling me I am looking better or paying a compliment.

If you read this column and enjoyed it, brilliant. If you read and were inspired to make a difference to your own health, I take great pride in that.

Local newspapers are here to be many things, but we can be used to make communities better and, in this case, healthier.

So, that’s it. I guess I am no longer The Reluctant Runner. I am just the new, better me.

I walked out of the Health Trainers office not only three-and-a-half stones lighter, but feeling 10 feet tall.