THE RELUCTANT RUNNER: ‘I used to be fit, now I am fit to drop’

Mayor Cllr Liam Dealtry becomes a Reluctant Runner
Mayor Cllr Liam Dealtry becomes a Reluctant Runner

Most people know that the mayor of Bridlington will have a go at anything.

Well, now Cllr Liam Dealtry has agreed to become a Reluctant Runner and work towards joining the team at the Sewerby Parkrun in May.

“I joined the gym at East Riding Leisure when it opened last May. My favourite machine there is the vending machine.”

Cllr Liam Dealtry

Accepting the challenge, he said: “My overall aim is to lose weight and be more healthy and less slovenly.

“I want to get out of bed and not ache.”

Like me, his first step was to go to the Health Trainers in Quay Road for a health MoT.

Their tests showed that he weighed in at 15st 13 lb, which meant his BMI was 33.

Unfortunately, instead of easing himself into an exercise regime, the mayor went out running three nights in a row and on the third night, his knee “went pop”.

Now recovering, he is planning a more sensible exercise regime.

“I joined the gym at East Riding Leisure when it opened last May, but I’ve never used it,” he admitted.

“My favourite machine there is the vending machine. I can use that one with no problems.”

It has not always been like this for Cllr Dealtry, who has a military background.

“I was in the Army for years until 1992 so I must have been in reasonable shape.

“I was fit, but now I am just fit to drop.”

And part of his problem is that being a mayor is not good for your health.

“I think all mayors put on about a stone during their year in office.

“You are always invited to functions with three-course dinners and it is rude to say no to the food.”

And he couldn’t say no to becoming a Reluctant Runner.

We’d still love to hear from anyone else starting on a fitness adventure, who would like to be part of the team.

Anyone who wants to work towards a goal is welcome to join us.

The aim is to get a group of Reluctant Runners, with no background of regular exercise, to get themselves in shape, ready to tackle the weekly Sewerby Parkrun 5km on Saturday, May 27.

If the idea of getting fitter appeals to you, and you want to work towards a realistic challenge, email for details.