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There has been a difference in two months - 24lbs
There has been a difference in two months - 24lbs

So, it’s been two months since I went for my original health MoT and it’s time to see how much progress has been made.

As part of my trips to the gym at East Riding Leisure in Bridlington, I get three one-on-one sessions with instructors.

For the second of these, I met up with Micky Edmond to chat about how I am finding my new regime.

It also involved being weighed and tested, which does not feel quite as terrifying as it did at the start of December.

So, how do I measure up?

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but in this case, the proof is in the not eating pudding.

In eight weeks, I have dropped from 17st 10lbs to just a shade under 16 stones. That is 24lbs gone through eating healthily and exercising more.

It is 10% of my starting body weight, which the diabetes expert I met earlier in this series of articles told me was a crucial milestone for reducing health risks.

My BMI was 30.2 which classed me as obese, but I am now merely comfortably overweight and my BMI is down to around 27.

Since joining the gym three weeks ago, I have been trying to go for an hour three times a week.

I have learnt to accept that there are people there who can run twice as fast as me and they can cycle twice as far and lift 10 times more. But being doing regular exercise, instead of sitting on the sofa and eating cake, my body fat has gone from 31.5% to around 28.5% in a couple of weeks.

I have not been able to see if my high cholestrol has gone down, but my sky-high blood pressure has dropped to something close to where it should be.

I still need to get rid of an extra stone or so to be classed as normal, and I am not expecting that progress to be as quick, but I feel like I am heading in the right direction.

And I never realised that the gym would help me mentally as well as physically. I feel better about myself and people are starting to notice the difference.

It’s good being the new me.