Sir Greg raises hospital issues in House of Commons

Sir Greg Knight MP
Sir Greg Knight MP

Bridlington MP Sir Greg Knight has spoken in the House of Commons about his concern over potential cuts to health services in Bridlington.

A public consultation into the future of the town’s minor injuries unit and the Macmillan Wolds Unit has ended, with decisions expected in March.

However, Sir Greg has called on the East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to abandon their plans in the face of public opposition.

Sir Greg said: “I have not come across one person who is in favour of these cuts at Bridlington. They are, quite frankly, not desirable or wanted”.

Speaking in the House, Sir Greg said the CCG seemed “hell-bent on these cuts despite overwhelming public opposition”.

The Leader of the House of Commons, David Liddington MP said he would pass on Sir Greg’s concerns to Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Sir Greg added: “The CCG should not ride roughshod over the views of the very people who are dependent on these health services and who pay for them through their taxes.”