Nurses were ‘shocked’ at hospital baby

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A mother has slammed Scarborough Hospital after her six-month-old baby was discharged against her wishes and later went on to give a potentially dangerous blood sugar measurement at another hospital.

Kimberley Hanson, 29 of Fort Terrace, brought baby James Hanson to Scarborough Hospital on Wednesday 5 November because he was not eating or drinking and was suffering from gastroenteritis.

Kimberly said: “All staff at the hospital did was put James on a fluid challenge to rehyrdate him.

“They didn’t carry out any tests on him, and didn’t do a blood sugar measurement.”

Staff then told Kimberley that James should be discharged the same night, but the worried mum insisted that her baby be kept in overnight.

She added: “We left at around 3pm the following day and got on the shuttle bus.

“Staff had told is that if anything gave me cause for concern then they would readmit him. But he started vomiting as soon as we got on the bus, so I asked the driver to call the hospital for me - they said that I should still take him home and he would be fine.”

Kimberley took James to her mother’s house in Knottingly so she could help look after him, but soon noticed that he had developed a rash which was the result of a viral infection.

She then rushed James to Pontefract Hospital at 8pm on Friday 7 November but was told that her son would have to go to Pinderfields Hospital as they did not have a children’s ward.

Kimberley said:“They carried out a blood sugar measurement at Pinderfields Hospital which read 2.9.

“The nurses said they were shocked that Scarborough Hospital didn’t check his blood.”

James spent a further two days in hospital and during his stay, was fitted with feeding tube and given medicine to rehydrate him.

Kimberley said: “I never want to take him back to Scarborough Hospital, I’m going to take him to Castle Hill in Hull in future.”

A spokesperson for York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are concerned to hear of the issues raised by Ms Hanson.

“In order for us to investigate this further and to provide Ms Hanson with answers to her questions we would urge her to contact our PALS department on 01904 726262.”