‘No plans’ to shut Bridlington hospital ward early

Bridlington Hospital
Bridlington Hospital

Claims that the closure of Buckrose mental health ward in Bridlington hospital has been moved forward to next month have been rejected by Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

The original time for the closure of the ward is the end of September with patients to be moved to hospitals in Hull. But there are claims that the wards in Hull have now been completed so the NHS Trust have chosen to move them soon rather than wait until the original later date.

Buckrose staff were said to have been told last week that all patients would be leaving by 18 August and that they would have to join them in Hull.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group and the NHS Foundation Trust’s decision to close the ward sparked a petition in Bridlington with nearly 600 people opposing the decision and trying to discourage them to keep the unit open.

The Humber NHS Foundation Trust spokesperson said: “The decommissioning of the ward is currently happening in stages as access to community-based services is increased. The trust continues to work with commissioners, staff and patients around the time scale for closure but no plan to close the ward earlier than originally stated has been agreed.”