New gym officially opens

Steve Tighe and Charlie Kilburn in the new CrossFit gym, which opened on Monday.
Steve Tighe and Charlie Kilburn in the new CrossFit gym, which opened on Monday.

A derelict building steeped in history has been sparked back into life after it was transformed into a gym, which officially opened on Monday.

Blast Fitness has moved into its new premises in Brett Street.

Owner Steve Tighe said: “The building has been an empty shell for a long time. It was the main generator house in Bridlington for Yorkshire Electricity.

“The reason we are excited about it because we are now part of CrossFit and their gyms are always in warehouses or industrial buildings.

“You won’t find TV screens and other facilities you would expect in modern gyms. You are coming here to work out.

“But you will be in one of the most iconic gym buildings in the country. Where else still has a working 10-tonne crane as a feature?

“There is nowhere else with the same feel. There is so much history.”

During renovations, staff found documents from the electricity board, including a job slip from 1937 which will be framed and put on display to recoignise the building’s history.

Getting the premises ready for this week’s official opening has been a major esercise in itself.

Tighe added: “For the last six weeks, we have pretty much been living here. It has been difficult getting things done over the Christmas and New Year period.

“But we had a lot of members who are tradesmen who have come in and done work to help us out.”

The gym was previously based on Bessingby Industrial Estate, in a shared building which limited its opening times.

“Now we can offer a full timetable, from early morning classes, to sessions after the morning school run for parents and children’s, tennagers’ and adults’ sessions in the evening.

“We have got all sorts going on and we can now offer an open gym which people can come in and use when they like, which is ideal for people who work shifts for example.”

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