Mum’s praise for ‘amazing’ shop staff

Charlie Coulam passed out as he went round the supermarket
Charlie Coulam passed out as he went round the supermarket

A mum has praised the staff at a Bridlington supermarket for the way they reacted when her son was taken ill in the store.

Rachel Coulam was in Aldi when 14-year-old Charlie passed out on Monday.

Her 11-year-old son Jack, who won at the Child of Courage category at last year’s inaugural Bridlington Extraordinary People Awards, was with them and became distressed.

But the supermarket staff made the family comfortable and were, according to Rachel, ‘totally amazing’.

Her message to the supermarket on facebook has been liked hundreds of times.

She said: A shopper called an ambulance while staff helped me look after my son.

“They fetched pillows and blankets, went and got the defibrillator and also brought back a fireman to help.

“When my youngest son got upset, they got him a magazine and some chocolate to try to take his mind off it a bit.

“We have now come home from hospital and after tests, it seems he has a naturally low blood pressure and it just dropped. So he’s doing great just very tired.

“Thank you very much to every person who helped us all.

“You were all so kind, considerate, caring and very importantly made it so that he had privacy at a vulnerable time for him.”

Rachel said she contacted Aldi’s head office because people are quick to criticise on social media, but don’t offer as much praise.

She also thanked the Bridlington fireman who had played his part in helping.