Healthwatch wants to hear about your experiences with patient passports

Bridlington Hospital
Bridlington Hospital

Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire (HWERY), the independent watchdog for health and social care services in the East Riding, is conducting research into health/patient passports in the East Riding.

They are seeking the views of the public and care professionals on the awareness and use of patient passports.

A health or patient passport is a document which accompanies a patient to hospital or a GP appointment which provides some basic information and medical history, any medications currently used and any reasonable adjustments to the environment which need to be made for the individual being cared for.

They can be used for care home residents, people with long term health conditions and people who cannot readily communicate their health condition.

The survey is open to all East Riding residents and in addition to seeking service user feedback, HWERY are keen to understand health and social care professional’s experiences and perspective of health/patient passports.

Questionnaires can be completed online, via the Healthwatch website or paper copies can be sent out if required.

Delivery Manager at HWERY, Matthew Fawcett, said: “This is a great chance for East Riding residents to tell us about their experiences of health passports or patient passports.”

“We would really like to encourage people to share their stories. Everyone’s experiences are important and can help make a difference to how services are provided now and in the future.

“Everything shared with Healthwatch will be treated with the strictest confidence and any information used in our report will be anonymous.”

In addition to the survey we are also encouraging people to come forward and share their stories.

This information and in-depth look at a patients experience is crucial when looking at steps Healthwatch can take to help shape and challenge services to improve.