Getting Bridlington fit for 2015

Steve Tighe
Steve Tighe

A fitness company has made its New Year’s resolution to get the town healthier during 2015.

Blast Fitness is heading to new premises, which it hopes will become a health and wellbeing community centre for residents.

The team are moving to the PowerHouse on Brett Street, which has been derelict for some time and was once the Yorkshire Electricty Board power station.

Work is underway to transform the building while making sure it keeps its iconic look.

Personal trainer Charlie Kilburn, who joined Blast at the start of last year, said: “It is our pledge to educate and transform people’s lives, young, old and of all abilities and bring about change within Bridlington and East Riding.”

Among the aims for 2015 are a programme to educate children on healthy eating and tackling obesity, fitness training for adults regardless of ability and sessions for the older generation that provides low impact, light resistance training to aid joint stability, bone density and all round improved mobility.

”2015 is going to be an exciting year for Blast Fitness and CrossFit Bridlington. 2015 is going to be the year we change the town by changing attitudes.

“Our charitable work within the town will bring more and more people together and help them to see the difference a healthier lifestyle can bring. As more people become educated this will enable them to change other people’s lives too.”

Blast Fitness was started seven years ago by former Royal Marine Steve Tighe.

It runs bootcamps, fitness classes and boxing and kickboxing sessions, and since Kilburn got on board last year, has been able to use his 25 years of catering experience and nutritional qualifications to offer health and wellbeing advice as part of its services.

Tighe said: “These are massive changes. We have shared our current premises with another businesses so we have been restricted but this will enable us to run a full-time programme.

“It is time for us to move into the future and we are really keen to get the community involved.

“We will be able to bring school groups into the new premises and we want to attract people who would normally be intimidated by a gym, being counsellors as much as trainers.”

The new centre will open later this month.