From Mayor to meter man

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PATIENTS and visitors to Bridlington Hospital will face parking fines of up to £60.

And the man slapping on the tickets will be Bridlington town councillor and former mayor Liam Dealtry.

So how does the man who was a popular high-profile mayor, well known to many people, feel about his new role?

“I know it is probably not what most people would expect me to be doing but like anyone else I have to keep a roof over my head,” said Liam.

“I don’t want to be seen as Mr Nasty, it is just a job. I can’t see there will be a problem, there will certainly be no personal malice and if people stick to the guidelines laid down by the Trust it should be fine.”

His job as a parking attendent is one of several he has had in recent times, they include being a community warden, working for a mobile phone company, acting as a harbour watchkeeper, and latterly a bingo caller. He remains a Bridlington town councillor.

Liam is one of two attendants appointed by Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust as car park attendants who will work at the Bridlington and Scarborough sites.

It announced last year it would be introducing car park management to improve the safety of its hospital sites,

So far Liam and his colleague Debbie Tyson of Scarborough have been issuing warning notices to those who park improperly or without payment however, from next Tuesday, February 1, they will begin issuing penalty notices.

Charges are £60 or £30 if paid within 14 days and will be handled by an external company.

James Hayward, the Trust’s Director of Facilities, said: “We have received many comments from patients, visitors, bus companies and staff regarding the difficult and sometimes dangerous parking at Scarborough Hospital.

“Recently many buses and delivery vehicles have found it difficult to navigate the roads around the hospital due to improper parking.

“In order to improve the safety of both drivers and pedestrians we decided to introduce proper management controls, which includes the creation of two car park attendant roles.”

“We know, from talking to local people, that car parking and access to hospital is an important issue.”

As part of the plan which aims to reduce car parking demand and traffic congestion at both sites, the Trust is working with East Yorkshire Motor Services to encourage more people to use hospital bus services.

“We also have a shuttle bus for patients and visitors which runs between Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals,” he said.

However, parking concession are available to certain patients visiting both hospitals for treatment three or more times a week and free parking for visitors if they have a relative in hospital for more than five days.

The existing parking permit scheme for patients who are registered at the Wolds View GP Access Surgery will continue to be monitored for the foreseeable future.

For further information people should ask at the main reception, speak to a member of ward staff or contact PALS on 01723 342434.