FREE PRESS COMMENT: Hospital consultation: Was it worth it?

Free Press comment
Free Press comment

Monday’s public consultation event on the future of the Minor Injuries Unit at Bridlington Hospital seemed to throw up more questions than answers.

It was pleasing to see a good turnout, but those who went along were left unsatisfied.

Why no public question-and-answer session? There were staff in the room to answer queries, but didn’t Bridlington deserve a platform where we could get answers on the record, rather than in personal chats?

Why only one consultation? There will never be a time when everyone can get to such an event but a Monday afternoon rules out full-time workers. Shouldn’t there have been a second session at a weekend or in an evening?

A second session would also have allowed people to take away the information booklets and then returned to ask more questions when they were armed with a better understanding. Couldn’t these booklets have been made more easily available before Monday?

And of course, the ultimate question – will it make any difference? Too many people still think that consultation events are done because they have to be carried out, not because those making decisions really have an interest in what the residents think. They would happily be proved wrong.