Fitness duo ‘too fast’ in their charity challenge

Ben Dale and Kyle Mummery
Ben Dale and Kyle Mummery

Plans to round off an unusual charity walk with a fun day were almost scuppered - because the duo were walking too fast.

Ben Dale and Kyle Mummery, from Element Fitness, walked from the Dotterel pub at Reighton to The Ship Inn at Flamborough - with one carrying the other for the whole seven miles.

They had estimated they would take two-and-a-half hour to complete the gruelling task, but that was well off the mark.

Dale said: “We managed to do the walk in two hours and three minutes, which is far better than we could have imagined. We were in fact going far too fast overall and so had to actually slow down, as the fun day started at 12:30pm and if we carried on going at the pace we were, we would have been there far too early and there would have been no one to greet us.

“We will be doing it again at some point going as fast as we can without having to slow down.”

So far they have raised £892.51 for Help For Heroes with more to be collected.