‘Constant banging’ left man ‘suicidal’

NBFP PA1513-9 Mr Flynn outside his home with his camper Van
NBFP PA1513-9 Mr Flynn outside his home with his camper Van

A pensioner says it may only be a matter of time before he kills himself to end torment caused by noisy neighbours.

Graham Flynn, 77, says he has already made several suicide attempts because he has become so depressed at constant banging through the night coming through the ceiling of his flat in Amy Johnson Avenue, Bridlington.

Despite the cold, he has resorted to sleeping in a camper van - and has now called for someone to help him before it’s too late.

Appearing at East Riding Magistrates’ Court on a charge of threatening behaviour towards his neighbours, the former long-distance lorry driver wept as he told magistrates: “I’m so down. I’m taking overdoses.”

The court heard how he had resorted to putting up an artificial ceiling at his ground-floor flat to try to stop the noise coming from above.

Defending, Ed Cunnah said: “Mr Flynn would love to move but his flat is his own and if he sells it the local authority will insist that half the value is used to pay for the upkeep of his wife who is in a care home.

“He has been sleeping in a camper van, and a man of his age, with his health problems, including diabetes, should not be living in a camper van through the winter.

“He tells me he has attempted suicide on about five occasions.”

The court heard there were constant allegations and counter allegations between the neighbours and Mr Flynn, who lives on a pension with “extremely limited” means,

Mr Cunnah said the upstairs neighbours were banging throughout the night on the floor of their flat which was the ceiling of Mr Flynn’s flat.

He said: “It is causing him to be constantly on edge and unable to sleep.”

“He can’t read and write. His wife used to do all that sort of thing but she’s not able to do it anymore.”

Prosecuting, Andrew Vaughan said the threatening behaviour involved Mr Flynn standing in his garden shouting and knocking over a wooden bench belonging to his neighbours.

Pleading guilty, he was handed a 12-month conditional discharge and told to pay £15 victim surcharge.

Following the hearing, Mr Flynn said said: “I’m trying to do myself in but I shouldn’t be allowed to. I want to move from that flat but I’ve no idea how I’ll do it.”