Car wash helps young Coby

Andrea Donnison with her son Coby.
Andrea Donnison with her son Coby.

MOTORISTS can have their car washed sparkling clean this week and know that they’re also helping a Bridlington baby.

The Free Press reported that little Coby Donnison had been diagnosed with severe eplagiocephay and brachycephaly - more commonly known as flat head syndrome. It can be treated using a special custom-made helmet, but these aren’t available on the NHS, and cost £2,000.

So when Tony Earnshaw of Bubbles Hand Car Wash on Scarborough Road read about Coby’s plight, he was determined to do something.

After discussions it was agreed that Bubbles would donate 10% of their takings towards the cost of Coby’s treatment.

Mum Andria Donnison is delighted. She said: “We had to get the helmet for Coby as soon as possible, because the later you leave it, the longer it will take to work, and it wouldn’t make as much difference.

“So we’ve got the helmet and now we have six months to pay for it. I’m really grateful to Bubbles, it’s brilliant and very kind of them.”

Mr Earnshaw said: “When I read about Coby, I really wanted us to do something to help him.

“Now I’ve met him, and he’s adorable, and a little hero - it can’t be nice to have to wear the helmet, but he’s still happy.

“He’s a lovely little lad and after all, they’re our future.”

Bubbles Hand Car Wash will be donating 10% of takings to Coby’s cause for a week from Saturday - although they will be reviewing the situation and may extend this.

While he’s wearing the helmet Coby, now seven months old, has to be taken across to Leeds for a check up every fortnight, and his skull will be measured each time.

Andria said: “After just a few days there was an improvement of 4mm, so I’m really looking forward to finding out how much change there is at our next appointment.

“He’s being really good, although he’s also teething, so it’s not an easy time for him.”

It’s not an easy time for Andria and husband John, either, who as well as looking after Coby and taking him to Leeds every two weeks are also busy organising fund-raising events. They have all sorts planned, including a teddy-bear toddle and pram-push on June 2.

In addition, the Ship Inn in Sewerby is donating the fee paid by cars taking part in a car boot sale on June 3 from 6am, and there will be a quiz night at the Mermaid in West Hill at 8pm on June 8.

As well as that, there will be an auction of promises to be held at 1pm on June 16 at the Rugby Club.

Anyone who would like to follow Coby’s progress can visit his page at, or e-mail Andria at