Bridlington Hospital’s Johnson Ward closed due to sickness bug

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Disc ps1125-5d'DISC Japanese Day'Japenese Legend Play'Brogan, Jaime

BRIDLINGTON Hospital’s Johnson Ward has been closed to new admissions and visitors due to the outbreak of a sickness and diarrhea bug.

Hospital staff are urging visitors to the hospital to think twice about their trip, as they try and contain the bug.

Liz Booth, Director of Operations for Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust said: “We have an excellent track record in terms of our infection control practices, and I am confident that our staff are doing all the right things to contain the spread of the virus. We have clear processes for all staff to follow in these circumstances, and this includes being strict about visiting.

“For the time being visiting to the hospital is restricted. The affected ward is closed to visitors other than for essential visits at the discretion of the ward manager.

“Visitors can call the hospital before visiting to find out if a particular ward is closed. This is to keep the virus contained and to help visitors to keep themselves safe as well as their friends or relatives.

“Children should not visit the affected areas, and people who have been unwell should not visit the hospital until they have been free of symptoms for 48 hours.”

Staff at the hospital have also repeated the message that people should always wash their hands before and after visiting the hospital, and use the hand sanitizer gel. You can call the hospital on 01262 606666.

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