Bridlington Hospital room is tribute to fund-raiser

The official naming of the Featherstone Clinic by the Bridlington Hospital League of Friends. (PA1325-12a)
The official naming of the Featherstone Clinic by the Bridlington Hospital League of Friends. (PA1325-12a)
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A new treatment room at Bridlington Hospital has been created and named to commemorate one of its most loyal supporters.

Joyce Featherstone died in January 2011, having spent many years as Chair of the League of Friends of Bridlington Hospital.

She was introduced to the organisation by close friend Kathleen Prince, Vice-Chair of the League, and started as Secretary.

Mrs Prince said: “Joyce was an excellent Chairman, simply excellent.

“She had a sharp memory and mind, and nothing slipped by her.

“It’s been a while in the planning, but now that it’s finished this treatment room will be a fitting tribute to Joyce, who as well as being a great Chairman was a great friend.

“We’re very proud of our hospital, it’s sparkling clean, and the League of Friends have bought all sorts of equipment to go in it, which all helps to improve services for the patients.”

Phillipa Dyer, Senior Sister for Daycare, is delighted with the new facility. She said: “It was decided to commemorate Joyce and recognise all her years of hard work for the League of Friends by creating a treatment room, including the purchase of a tilt-table.

“It’s in use every day, and is a great new facility for patients, with brand new equipment. We’re very grateful to the League of Friends, and it was good to be able to invite Joyce’s husband, Bill, to an opening ceremony, and make him a cup of tea and say thank-you.”

A tilt table is used to investigate unexplained fainting or ‘syncope’. During a test the patient lies on the table as moves from a horizontal to a vertical position, whilst heart rate and blood pressure are monitored. Thanks to the generosity of Joyce’s family and the League of Friends, it’s a test that will be more readily available to Bridlington patients - something that Joyce would undoubtedly have approved of.