Brid’s first baby of 2015

A Bridlington mum had a New Year’s Day she will never forget after giving birth to the first baby at Scarborough Hospital in 2015 according to hospital staff.

Cindy Howarth, 30 of Wheeldale Court, had been in Scarborough Hospital since the Monday before New Year expecting her third child but things didn’t really go according to plan.

Baby son Ronnie Michael was born at 2.19am weighing a healthy 8lb 7oz after an emergency C section on New Year’s Day.

“By that time I had forgotten all about New Year and it was not until I heard something about it on the radio that I realised it was,” said Cindy.

The Hospital gave the couple a teddy bear for baby Ronnie for being the first baby born at the hospital.

Cindy and her husband Leigh, 34, own Bridlington Home Rentals Ltd in Prospect Arcade, which also acts as an agent for the Bridlington Free Press.

They have two other children, Grace, 9 and Maisie, 4. Cindy, originally, from Bradford, is a former Bridlington School student, and Leigh came to Bridlington from Dewsbury 10 years ago. Cindy and baby Ronnie are both doing well.