Battling disorder for fitness success

Jonathan Bibb (personal trainer), Lucy Hodgson and Andrew Pickering (gym owner)
Jonathan Bibb (personal trainer), Lucy Hodgson and Andrew Pickering (gym owner)

A Bridlington woman wants to inspire others with anorexia issues after going from four-and-a-half stone to coming fifth in a British fitness finals competition.

Lucy Hodgson, 29, battled through the experience of anorexia more than 10 years ago before claiming a placed finish in the Trained Figure category at the prestigious National Physique Awards Britain Finals in Coventry.

The result is even more impressive with Lucy having only started training for the event in January this year with her personal trainer Jonathan Bibb. Lucy said: “I couldn’t believe it when I got a place. I wasn’t expecting anything at all so it was a pleasant surprise. I’m not going to lie, it has been a tough journey but I managed to get through the anorexia and I’m proud of my achievements.

“For me, having anorexia was a difficult experience and I would like to help anyone who thinks the way to look good is to diet and then becoming obsessed and starving themselves. I had to go see a counsellor and one day it just clicked that something needed to be done.”

The 29-year-old also endured the trauma of losing her mother, Christine Hodgson, to breast cancer in 2008.

The former Headlands School pupil was one of eight candidates for the prize at the Coventry event. Her category was judged by a panel who consider body structure, shape and symmetry with participants having to perform different poses. Lucy travelled to Coventry after finishing second in one of seven regional qualifiers in the NPA Mike Williams Classic & Pro-Am class at The Frontier in Batley earlier this month. The competition was tough on Lucy with other entrants having been training for more than four years, which makes Lucy’s achievement even more impressive after only nine months.

Personal trainer, Johnathon Bibb, has been training Lucy since January. He said: “I am absolutely delighted for Lucy and incredibly proud of the way she has changed her life around. For her first time entering these competitions, she has done very well.”

Lucy currently weighs just over eight stone and now trains up to four times a week as well as the occasional Blast Fitness Crossfit session while consuming up to six meals a day mixed with fats, carbohydrates and protein.

Lucy said: “I now feel so much better and look the best I ever have. I can’t thank Jonathan enough for what he has done for me.”