All patients have been discharged - the end of the Macmillan Wolds Unit

Bridlington Hospital
Bridlington Hospital

The Macmillan Wolds Unit at Bridlington Hospital has closed for the final time.

There were reports earlier in the week that the ward only had two remaining patients and was due to shut within days.

A spokesperson for City Health Partnership told the Free Press: "We haven’t got a final date at the moment. We‘re monitoring the number of patients in the service currently and will be working with the CCG to make any transition as smooth as possible."

However, yesterday it emerged that the unit had closed and was being locked up for good, and health bosses today confirmed the unit is now empty.

Jane Hawkard, chief officer for East Riding of Yorkshire CCG, said: "As a CCG we have been working in partnership with City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) CIC to implement the outcomes and recommendations from our Urgent Care Consultation.

“In line with our agreed plans following public consultation, the month of April will see the transition to our new community based model of care. This means many patients will no longer be treated in a hospital setting but will be supported with their care through a more proactive recovery model of treatment.

“Once people are medically fit, the best place for them is not a large hospital and the clinical evidence shows that people recover faster when they are back in their own home environment, carrying on with their activities of daily living.

“Our changes mean that many patients who can go home will go home to receive treatment after a spell in hospital.

"Those that need additional support will go to our ‘Active Recovery’ beds which are based in our local communities, when intensive rehabilitation is required patients will access community beds in East Riding Community Hospital at Beverley.

"The emphasis on care is focused on re-ablement and support to ensure the patient can go home as soon as possible and lead a full and independent life.

“The transition has now started with all existing patients in the Macmillan Wolds Unit community ward being safely discharged. CHCP will commence the formal process of closing the ward during April 2018, as we move to fully utilise our new services in the community.”

The Macmillan unit offered end-of-life care to terminally-ill patients but plans to move the community beds to East Riding Community Hospital in Beverley were approved last year.

Trade unions have been critical of the plans, which are also designed to see other patients looked after in care homes or at home.

Dr Gina Palumbo from the CCG said last year: “Wherever possible, more patients will be looked after in their own home environment avoiding the need for a hospital admission. I am delighted that we are now able to start bringing in the changes that are necessary to improve the care of patients in the East Riding.”

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